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The Saluting Buzzard Award

In 2013 a total of 12 nominations were received for 6 nominees for the Saluting Buzzard Award. This award is presented to an individual for outstanding services to the Spicewood Community. The winner of the 2013 award was Robert Woods of the Helping Hands Crisis Ministry of Spicewood - a faith based and all volunteer organization serving those in need who live in the general area of Spicewood.

Robert is the founder of the Helping Hands Crisis Ministry of Spicewood which began operations in 2006.  Robert has worked tirelessly to help his Spicewood neighbors during times of crisis in their lives.

In 2012 the Ministry provided food and personal hygiene products to over 200 families along with $80,000+ financial assistance (rent, utilities, auto repair, auto fuel, medical expenses, home repair etc.) to over 300 people in need.  The Ministry manages 2 housing units to provide temporary shelter for those who are or are about to be homeless.  Eight families were provided temporary housing until they were able to secure permanent housing of their own.

Barbara Tweed (right), Saluting Buzzard Award Committee Chair, presenting the award to Robert Woods (left) at the Spicewood Buzzard Bump Fest on May 18, 2013

                     Presentation of check for $1,000 to Helping Hands Crisis Ministry, the award that goes with the Saluting Buzzard.  
(From left to right - Stacy Veasey, Robert Woods, Paul Kronbergs, Connie Lawson Bains, Julie Weiss, David Almond, Liz Almond)


In 2012 we presented our first Saluting Buzzard Award.  The award honors a Spicewood resident who has put in above average efforts in assisting the local community.

In 2012 the award was presented to Dean and Patsy Lester of the Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department and Karen Lacy of the Spicewood Community Center for the tremendous efforts during 2010-2011 in helping families affected by the wildfires in Spicewood.

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