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History of Marble Falls Noon Lions Club

The Marble Falls Noon Lions Club became active in late 1984 when Ken Holgren, who had been instrumental in establishing a club in Kingsland, decided that Marble Falls was a fertile ground for an active Lions Club. His intention was to allow its members to further the long-standing motto – “We Serve”!

It began with a small group of local residents who felt a need to do something to offer financial assistance to other local agencies and provide help in all areas to our local citizens in need. They especially wanted to help the youth who are deprived of services that assist them in growing and maturing into adults, who themselves give back to their city, the local community and mature a desire to help others.

Our club has continued to aim the major part of its work toward youth who will be tomorrow’s leaders. We realize the large list of those we support annually will prove we care.

As our club took flight with chartering December 19th,1984, the first major accomplishment was obtaining the property for a Senior Activity Center from a local benefactor, Howard Counts who headed the Marble Falls National Bank. They then set up a Board of Directors made up of Lions members. With the excellent guidance of the first president of the Center, Gus Moore, it operated under Lions guidance until incorporated and has continued to operate as a great asset and service to our seniors in our community. The Lions, with the help of the Lakeland Mall, conducted a large garage sale which provided funds to start building. Recent expansion has been made to keep up with its current growing demand and popularity.

From that time until 2016, the Noon Lions Club has raised some more than $600,000.00 for this community through different fund raising projects and community donations. All of these funds represent the wonderful giving our citizens, businesses and hard-working members have made possible, 100% used for charities and our community. No club operating expenses are covered by those funds. This is a Lions Club International Restriction and we are very proud of that compliance! Most of these funds have been used in the immediate Marble Falls area. Part of our proud support goes toward the Lions Kerrville Camp for Handicapped Children!

We have conducted Scout-a-rama at Johnson Park since 1994 in which we provide a two-day camp out for Scouts of all ages, including meals. Unfortunately, weather has not been kind to us on a few of those years.

Our Warm Coats for Kids project has grown over the years, our 21st was November 2009. Results have always been rewarding. We have collected up to 1100 coats from our local citizens in a single year, distribution estimates are around 90% of all coats per year to children and adults. This project has been such a success we have expanded from Kids to all age groups. Volunteers from a ladies group named “R.O.P.E.” is now constructing hand made gloves and hats to go with the coat distributions, all volunteers within our community. The local Blazing Star Chapter of the Masonic Lodge has kindly furnished us a distribution location for the past ten years. Thank You

We conduct a White Cane sale yearly to assist in the world-wide desire for eye care.

For years, our budget has included numerous programs and funds that will be of great assistance to those programs.   

Examples: High School Scholarships, Boys & Girls Club, Lions Eye Bank, Meals-on-Wheels, Helping Center, Youth Baseball and Soccer, Boys and Girl Scouts,  Boys and Girls State, Leader Dog Program, World Service for the Blind, The Kerrville Camp for Handicapped Children and numerous miscellaneous requests. In summing up our twenty-five years of service, we continue our quest to follow Lions Club International objectives which we sincerely endorse:

  1. To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world
  2.  To promote the principals of good government and good citizens
  3. Take an active interest in civil, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the community
  4. To unite the Clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding     
  5. To provide a forum to open discussion of all matters of public interest provided. However, that    partisan politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated by club members
To encourage service minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, profession, public works and private endeavors.

In 2009 we sponsored the formation of the Spicewood Lions Club and on July 2016 we merged with Spicewood Lions Club to for the Spicewood & Highland Lakes Lions Club.  We will continue our services to the communities shown at the top of this web page as in the past and hope to expand upon them with the resources of the merged club.

The 'Boss Lion's' Hat

One of the traditions continuing in to the new club is the Boss Lion hat. The hat was acquired during the first Lions warm coat drive in 1996.

It was deposited in one of the coat collection boxes at local merchants and was found by Lion Scopel and Lion Vice President Chambliss, warm coat co-chairs.  They tried to give it to Lions President Terrel but he told them that he did not want it and they could do with it whatever they wished.  Little did he realize that when the hat would show up again.

It was presented to him at a Lions Zone meeting in Burnet later that year by Lions Tail Twister Reed and had the sign "Boss Lion" vividly attached to the upturned brim.  Not to be outdone by a vice president who would next be inducted as president, President Terrel presented the hat to the incoming President Chambliss at the conclusion of the induction ceremony in 1997 and it has been presented to the incoming president every year since.

Below is a photo of Lion Estela Selby, Marble Falls Noon Lions branch, preparing to present it to the incoming President, Paul Kronbergs at the 2016 induction ceremony.

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